The star actress from the ‘Originals,’ has a lot of interesting facts about herself that her fans probably do not know about, and we are happy to share these facts with everyone who's interested. Aside from having a great personality, the actress is one of the best, with her prolific acting skills that keep fans glued to the TV screens all day long, as long as she is the one on the screen. She is charming, beautiful and gorgeous and that is not just a compliment. If you're conflicted with the surprising facts about this actress, put your mind to rest and enjoy the ride we are about to take you on, to have a peek into the life of Phoebe Tonkin.

1. Full Name

While the actress likes to shorten her name as PT, we have her full name and it's spelled out as; ‘Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin.’ However, for her film roles, since she became an actress, she decided to stick to just two names, to make it easier for people to refer to her and not mistake her for someone different.

Tonkin’s Zodiac Sign

The actress was born on July 12, 1988, which automatically makes her zodiac sign ‘Cancer.’ She has a unique birth month and each year on her birthday, she never fails to show her beautiful face up on her Instagram page for her fans to drool over it. She is quite consistent with the social media app, and she experiences so much love from her fans and friends.

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