It cannot be denied, we live in a stereotypical world with different factions where the world of nerds and hotties are viewed as being very different. Picture a nerd and we have someone with scrawny looks, computers, an awkward sense of dressing and at most times half unkempt hair. The hotties on the other are -well hotties but most times are not so smart. Short version - nerds got books, hotties have the looks. So it begs the question, can anyone have it all on good on both sides? Not many do and are as famous as Lyndsey Scott.


Lyndsey Scott, a supermodel cum supergeek, an African-American model born in West Orange, New Jersey (where she grew up) in 1984 is the eldest of four siblings. She practiced martial arts since the age of nine and earned a black belt in Taekwondo.

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