It is one thing to share similar facial features with someone whom you are completely unrelated to and it is another thing to be mistaken for someone else because you have undeniable physical similarities. Quite a number of celebrities have been mistaken for other people and even other celebrities, while some have found it unpleasant, others felt embarrassed and confused about the situation they found themselves.

Remember the doppelganger, Elena and Katherine from 'Vampire Diaries’, that is the same situation these celebrities were put in.

Isla Fisher Introduces Amy Adams

The ‘Now You See Me’ actress recently shared a touching story of mistaken identity that she experienced with Jimmy Kimmel. Her story was filled with mixed feelings, because she could not discern if she was embarrassed or offended by Lady Gaga in Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2014.

Isla Fisher And Amy Adams

Isla Fisher And Amy Adams

She was sitting at the bar when one of her best artists walks through the front door, sending the fans into a ruckus. Lady Gaga looked fine as always and her fans could barely keep their cool. Isla, on the other hand, was stunned to see one of her favorite rock singers in the world. Lady Gaga approached Isla with a wide smile on her face, thanking her for her performance at American Hustle. Isla confused and worrying what was going on while still stunned by her favorite artist just nodded and bowed her head. In her explanation to Jimmy, she admitted that she didn't want to disclose the truth to Gaga yet, hence, the bow as she appreciated the compliments. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga tried to go into deeper conversations she knew nothing about and in the middle of all that, Amy Adams walked into the bar. Isla decided to end the awkwardness by introducing the real Amy Adams to Lady Gaga. Isla felt frustrated at the thought of being mistaken for Amy Adams, but she was equally glad that she caught the attention of her favorite musician.

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